Cloud costs management - Resellers

We help Cloud resellers simplify the process of tracking how much their customers spend and how much they should charge them back.

We also help them break the strict correlation between cost directly incurred due to actual usage and the amount charged back to customers so that they can apply buying and risk reducing strategies (think Reserved Instances shared betwen customers and other things like that).

Custom chargeback strategies

There are as many chargeback strategies as there are Cloud resellers and customers. We provide the tools needed by Cloud resellers so that they can easily automate their chargeback strategy.

Nothing is more verstatile than a spreadsheet so that's what we integrate with. We provide you with 'connected spreadsheet templates' to help you getting started. We also connect with 'invoice generation systems' to get the process entirely streamlined.

While labeled Teevity dashboard

Several Cloud resellers are already automatically creating a Teevity account for each of their customers. Everybody gets much more confortable with a lot more transparency with regard to cost and usage control.

Get in touch with us if you want to expose a custom-branded version of the Teevity portal to your customers. You can also expose your own pricing strategy through the Teevity dashboard .